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Principal's Message

Principal’s Message - End of School Year (2019-2020)

undefinedWhat an interesting school year we had! We started the year excited in anticipation of our Verizon Innovative Learning Grant which provides iPads for all of students to use at school and at home. Who would have thought in October how important these devices would become in March especially because the iPads are embedded with wireless internet?  

In the Fall we had to cancel school events and school days due to raging fires.  Then just when we were really hitting our stride, school was closed due to COVID-19. We had to turn our 60th Culmination Ceremony into our 1st Virtual Culmination Ceremony  and we honored our 8th Graders with a Drive-thru Celebration. Through it all our students and teachers worked hard to adapt to the Safer@Home remote learning model and Zoom has become the norm for us all.

While this may seem like the toughest year our school has lived through, I am happy to report we have successes to celebrate. First, I am pleased to announce that the LAUSD School Board approved our new Media Arts and Communication Magnet which will open in the 2021-22 school year.  Our second Magnet will start small, but we have been promised that enrollment will grow as space becomes available!  Second, I am happy to share that we have received a grant for a Verizon G5 Lab which will provide our students and teachers with the ability to use the most advanced 21 Century technologies to create, learn, and innovate.  The Lab will be built during the 2020-21 school year with an anticipated opening in 2021-22.

We still do not know what the 2020-21 school will bring; students back to school, students learning in a hybrid model with some remote learning and some school learning, or a continued remote learning model. Please keep watching our CCMS and LAUSD web-site for updates.


One thing is sure, the first day of the 2020-21 school year is Tuesday, August 18th so safely enjoy your summer, wash your hands, wear a mask, and read a few good books.

Debra McIntyre-Sciarrino